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how much cum do you think you would need to be able to take a 15 minute shower with?

showerheads flow about 2.5 gallons per minute so a 15 minute shower is 37.5 gallons

average amount of semen per ejaculation is .5 of a teaspoon and 48 teaspoons in a cup. so that’s 96 ejaculations per cup. 

16 cups in a gallon 

you’d need about 1,536 ejaculations worth



i like sucking dick because of the control i have over boys. i got their dick and balls in my mouth. i could just bite down right now and end it all

  • society: be yourself
  • society: no not like that


I like how people have a problem with the whole calling someone “daddy” in bed because it’s “weird” but yet they will call the other person “baby”. What you like fucking babies? You weird ass baby fucker